Beth Gibney-Boulden, RYT, M.Ed
Owner and Instructor
Beth's study of yoga began in 1996, while completing her Masters degree in Counseling at Springfield College. In search of mental stillness and physical health, she found yoga to be a centering and inspiring refuge from the demands of daily life. She continued her personal exploration of yoga while working for 12 years as a college administrator in student leadership development. In 2005, Beth received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and began to use yoga in her leadership development work with college students both in the U.S. and abroad. Teaching yoga is now her full time passion. Beth specializes in yoga for women, and has received certifications in Prenatal Yoga, Fertility Yoga, and Pelvic Yoga for Women.

In every class Beth weaves together a blend of breath work, movement, empowering imagery and guided relaxation. Her goal is to teach people to use yoga principles off the mat for personal wellbeing and relationships. Beth's classes are lighthearted, grounding and supportive, and excellent for people who are new to yoga or want to deepen their awareness of their mind/body connection. Women may choose to attend one of Beth's specialty classes, but are also welcome to attend a general yoga class even if they are hoping to conceive, pregnant or reclaiming their body after childbirth. Modifications for all needs will be offered easily and discretely.

Beth is committed to a daily practice of mantra, meditation and prayer. She enjoys helping others to create their own personalized practice of yoga. In addition to group classes, Beth offers private sessions to individuals, couples, and small groups in search of transformation.


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