Yoga for Labor

Yoga for Labor offers pregnant women and their partner a unique, fun and educational experience to prepare for labor and birth. We breathe, stretch and move into yoga poses while teaching your partner how to provide hands on support. This will help you remain active and to help your pelvis open, allowing your baby to enter this world consciously and peacefully. Our discussions include reminders that birth is a natural and normal process which you are innately prepared for, tips on labor, advocating for your needs during birth at the hospital and tips for coping with the challenges of each phase of labor. Many dads & partners are hesitant to step onto the yoga mat, but ultimately all participants leave feeling much more confident and ready for birth.

This 2-hour workshop is co-taught by a Beth Gibney-Boulden (yoga instructor) and Certified Nurse Midwife or a Doula. The class is typically taken once, though it can be repeated, and is best to experience during your third trimester. Couples often take this class in addition to a childbirth education class and appreciate the hands-on learning experience and time to ask lots of questions. Couples expecting their second or third child appreciate this class as a quick refresher about birth and a way to physically connect and enjoy each other during this completely justified "date night!"

Yoga for Labor is held once a month at Full Circle Family Care (see schedule & price page for further info about Full Circle). Private sessions are available with Beth at Full Circle.

To inquire about a private session contact Beth for more information:

To register for a group class: Call Full Circle (914) 421-1500, ext. 0, with your Visa or MasterCard number handy to reserve your space. You will be charged the full class amount of $60 four days before the workshop. If you go into labor within these five days and cannot take the class you get a full refund and our best wishes! If you cancel within five business days of the class we reserve the right to keep the $65 class fee as we most likely cannot fill your spot. Space is limited to 6 couples, so please register early as classes fill quickly.

"My husband and I both loved the class! It was great to learn different positions to use during labor. I have to say as the time draws near, I have been extremely nervous about labor and delivery, but after leaving the class the other night, I feel sooooooooooo relaxed! I am ready for our birthing experience more than I ever was before...I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders."

"Regardless of the type of birthing experience you plan on having these classes will help you. I truly believe it helped me have such a calm, carefree pregnancy. The Prenatal Yoga classes and Couples Yoga workshop helped make our pregnancy and birth a wonderful experience and we can't wait to do it again!"

"We especially loved the dynamic of having a yoga instructor and a midwife teach the class. What a great mix of knowledge. We're very confident with the techniques we've learned and look forward to putting them to use!"

"My husband really liked the class. He was impressed with the whole experience. He said the stretching and relaxation felt great!"

"We had such a great time Monday night. We both really enjoyed the class. It was definitely a big eye opener for my husband. Believe it or not, but I don't think he truly realized what a woman goes through during the labor process, so I think this gave him some extra empathy."

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