Fertility Yoga and Support Programs

Fertility Yoga is gentle yoga for any woman who is open to conception. We offer breath work, meditations and restorative yoga postures that increase circulation to reproductive organs. Our guided visualizations are specific to opening to conception and receiving the child you dream of. It's a perfect choice for women seeking holistic support for pregnancy - whether you have just begun your fertility journey or have traveled this fertility path for what feels like far too long. You'll use the skills you learn for managing stress during your time of conception, pregnancy and motherhood. Best of all, you'll be in a supportive group of women who can relate to the challenges that fertility presents for many of us.

Do women really get pregnant from yoga? Yoga doesn't make babies, but it definitely revitalizes our health, reduces stress, helps to balance hormones and teaches us to accept life in the present moment with patience and peace. Our Fertility Yoga is safe for women during IUI and IVF cycles. And yes, most women in our program do conceive (and many are surprised by their natural conception)!

Please read the feedback from clients and personal references are available upon request.

What is a fertility yoga class like? What if I've never done yoga?

My classes begin with introductions, a brief discussion of our theme for the evening and quiet time for centering. All of the classes include postures to slow down, direct focus inward, increase circulation to reproductive organs and open the heart. Beginners are welcome and will soon see that they can easily follow along. Each class has a different focus: grounding & centering, forgiveness, acceptance, hope, self-care, nutrition and more.

Support Programs:

Fertility Tea is held every Thursday at 7pm before our weekly Fertility Yoga class begins at 7:30pm. Come in for free fertility-enhancing herbal tea and time to talk with women in our community.

On-line Community: Creation Yoga hosts a private Yahoo group email community for all women who attend our weekly Fertility Yoga class. This forum continues the support of our class throughout each week as women ask questions and share experiences. The group is home to files of book recommendations, useful web resources and posts local fertility support events. New class members receive an invitation to join the forum when they begin weekly classes.

Fertility Yoga for Two is a workshop for partners who are open to conception. It's a time to come together and take a refreshing break from the stress of the journey to parenthood. We'll learn breathing techniques, stretches, and postures that release fertility stress, then use partner-assisted yoga poses to restore our energy. We'll also practice easy massage techniques that any loving hands can master. No yoga experience is necessary. Expect to learn, laugh and enjoy this completely justified date night! The class is led by Beth Gibney-Boulden, and her husband and offered every other month. Call Full Circle Family Care for dates (914) 421-1500, ext. 0.

"I'll never get my partner to agree to this," you say... Many (most) partners are reluctant to step on to the mat at first. Beth has offered many group and private sessions for couples and ALL participants leave feeling more relaxed and glad that they attended. If we want to feel different we have to do something different! All partners are invited - same sex, married, just together - all couples welcome.

"Before class my fertility journey consisted of secrecy, self-doubt and loss of hope with each failure. Class has been a haven for me, where fertility is openly a focus. "

"This class has provided me with relaxation tools to calm me, especially when faced with stressful situations. A couple of weeks ago I was at a radiology center for a hysterosonogram and encountered a 90-minute delay in my appointment. It was the deep and focused breathing that helped me remain calm until and throughout the procedure. "

"Two weeks after I finished my last yoga session with you in June I found out I was pregnant. You can't believe how shocked my husband & I were finding out that we conceived on our own after all these years of trying. I truly want to thank you for bringing yoga into my life. "

"This class is a chance for a woman to see that she is not alone in the fertility journey. The relaxation and meditation techniques will help with the anxiety that a woman experiences throughout the treatment period, as well as the waiting period after ART. "

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