Kripalu Yoga for Men and Women

Kripalu Yoga is a style of yoga that offers breath work, guided postures, unstructured movement and meditation to help us find the peace that we seek.

We all come to yoga in search of something . . . a calmer mind, a better back, a peaceful heart, or a chance to relax. Beth's Kripalu Yoga classes offer both men and women an opportunity to feel comfortable in their body, a steadiness in a busy mind, or rest for a tired soul.

Each class begins with a quiet centering and includes warm-ups, breath awareness, postures to stretch and strengthen and a closing relaxation. Kripalu Yoga classes often include time for unguided movement, so that we can listen to our inner wisdom and release tension unique to our own body. Classes can be led for a gentle and restorative experience, or a moderate to vigorous pace. All-Levels classes are open to beginners and adept students, as modifications are offered to create ease or a deeper challenge in a pose.

Why Choose Yoga?

  • Calm and focus mental chatter using breath and movement
  • Enhance concentration and mental focus
  • Increase energy and physical stamina
  • Stretch muscles and increase flexibility
  • Develop strength and balance
  • Increase bone density
  • Build body awareness to make healthy choices in nutrition & weight management
  • Cultivate compassion for self and others
  • Enhance relationships by practicing patience, acceptance and gratitude
  • Move creatively and intuitively to feel good in your body
  • Invite deep peace through guided relaxation

What is Kripalu Yoga?

As a teacher of Kripalu Yoga, I live by and teach the principles I have learned while studying at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Kripalu Yoga attends to our spirit, mind and body in every class, as we move beyond the structure of postures and breath work. Kripalu Yoga also honors our inner wisdom and fosters self-acceptance, which can lead to deep personal transformation. We learn to be aware of and patient with physical and emotional sensations, and by simply allowing ourselves to feel these tensions we can often release them.

All healing is self-healing and yoga enhances our ability to heal. We build our prana (life force energy) by deepening our breath and then clear the pathways of circulation by stretching and moving. Eventually our prana flows freely to all places in need of healing. A consistent practice of yoga enhances our well-being on all levels.

Kripalu Yoga honors the process of transformation and encourages us to witness our personal growth on the mat. We are invited to Breathe, Relax, Feel, Watch, and Allow (BRFWA) all that we experience, with the same compassion for our Self that we might offer to a friend. By noticing our habitual way of responding to sensation, then choosing to stay with it and learn from the experience, we gain new insights and even a new way of being. What we practice ON the mat soon becomes what we practice OFF the mat in daily life and the positive effects of our yoga ripple through our relationships and community.

Kripalu Yoga can be a typical yoga experience of harmonizing mind and body, or it can bring us to a state of healing and transformation. The choice is yours, when the time is right!

"Beth always makes you keep coming to class because she is a natural teacher, puts you at ease and encourages you to try a little harder to improve your practice. She is always well prepared for each class and always adds yogic gems of wisdom. At the end of class you feel more peaceful and energized. "

"The best instructor I have ever had. Beth gave me the tools to develop inner strength - both emotionally and physically. Thank you for this gift. "

"Beth is very talented at bringing insight into the technique and philosophy of yoga. I've learned a lot beyond just individual postures. "

"Beth's gentle reminders for breathing and meditating during her strategically planned yoga practice left me craving this new and exciting practice of yoga. Before experiencing Beth's class I truly believed that I wouldn't like yoga. I focused my time on jogging and weight training. However, Beth's yoga practice has changed me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have increased flexibility, but more importantly, when I feel overwhelmed, anxious, sad, doubtful, frustrated, impatient, or restless, I bring Beth's yoga practice on the mat to my daily life off the mat. Her yoga practice continues to teach me about contentment, and she's helped me to somehow silence the thoughts in my mind into the peace in my heart. "

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