Mommy & Me

Mommy and Me Yoga helps moms to reclaim their body as we stretch, strengthen and breathe life into post-partum (and sleep deprived) bodies. You'll enjoy the company of mothers with newborns while taking time to bond with your baby. Babies enjoy watching other babies and having Mom's undivided attention for playtime! Our classes offer a mix of toning movement for moms, yoga poses done with your baby and infant massage.

Babies will laugh and cry, fuss and fidget, and it's all ok . . . feel free to stop and attend to their needs at any point. Yoga will help you feel centered, strong, energized and at ease with your new baby. We specifically focus on reclaiming core strength, stretching tight muscles, releasing back pain and improving pelvic floor strength.

Moms can attend classes as soon as they are medically cleared for exercise (usually 6 weeks post-partum). Please check with your midwife or doctor before attending class. You are welcome to attend until your baby begins to crawl and "graduates" from class. Twins are welcome, but older siblings will need to make other plans. Bring a blanket for your baby, mats are provided.

"In yoga class I feel connected to other moms and less alone. I am reminded to take care of myself and get my strength back. This was my son's first time seeing babies in a group and he was very entertained! He and I connected in a fun, spirited way."

"My favorite aspect of class is that Beth tailors the class to meet the needs of all of us (from women recovering from C-sections to women who are really ready to get in shape). I like a challenge and Beth provides ways to enhance the workout. I also LOVE that I get to do something fun with my son and meet other moms going through the same thing as me!"

"Mommy and me yoga provided me with some fun bonding time with my baby and a bit of respite from the every day busy routine that every new mom knows all too well. I also appreciated the chance to stretch, relax a little and renew. I loved it!"

"After taking both fertility and prenatal yoga with Beth, I couldn't wait another second before I dragged my 4 and a half-week-old son to Mommy & Me Yoga. We both look forward to our Tuesday morning class and seeing all the friends we've made. Beth's gentle way with babies and comforting way with new mommies creates a fun, yet peaceful environment for all the yogis!"

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