Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga eases the sensations of pregnancy and helps women to prepare for birth and motherhood. While regular yoga classes offer many benefits to anyone who attends, Prenatal Yoga specifically enhances the experience of pregnancy and addresses common aches and issues of pregnant women.

Through breath work and movement we release tension that naturally occurs with the physical and emotional changes of this intense life event. Some poses help us to build strength and other poses help us to soften. We learn techniques to open the pelvis during labor with the help of yoga balls and other props. Most importantly, we discover and begin to trust our body's own innate wisdom for creating life and giving birth.

Bolsters and blankets help us to ease into restorative poses and drift off into conscious relaxation. Guided visualizations help us to connect with our baby and ease any fears of the natural process of birth. Women leave class feeling energized and at peace in their hearts.

Prenatal yoga is best for women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester and available to women in their 1st trimester who have a consistent practice of yoga. Check with your midwife or doctor before practicing yoga or taking on any new fitness endeavor. No yoga experience is required for Prenatal Yoga and expectant mothers are welcome to (and often do) bring a non-pregnant friend to class!

"Prenatal yoga was the best thing I did for myself and my baby during pregnancy. It felt great each week to connect with other women and to connect with my baby. It helped me relax and take pride in my body and what it was doing. It also helped me to think of labor, not as a scary thing, but as part of the experience/journey."

"Prenatal yoga definitely helped my labor and birth. During labor it felt so natural for me to focus inwardly. It was easy to trust my breathing. I was able to stay in the moment and not anticipate the next contraction. This gave me time to relax and re-energize between contractions. I believe that is why I was able to have a completely drug free 25-hour labor and still push successfully for 3 hours. I had so much faith in my body that I never doubted my abilities."

"There is something very powerful that happens in Beth's prenatal yoga classes! Not only did I strengthen my body, quiet my worried mind and find companionship on my pregnancy journey, I also left with a tool that I use daily in life with my little guy. The song Beth plays during the closing relaxation while we connect with our baby seems to have literally penetrated my womb, as this song calms my baby each and every time he gets fussy."

"I highly recommend the class to all pregnant women. During pregnancy it's easy to get caught up in relatively unimportant details and to get stressed out (e.g. what color should I paint the nursery, what type of crib should I get...) but the class helped me to re-focus and celebrate and connect with the life inside of me that was about to come into the world. I had a medication-free birth, as planned and the techniques I learned in the class definitely helped to make that possible!"

"My favorite part of class was connecting with my baby. The meditations led by Beth were calming and inspiring and made me proud of my body . . . it felt like a celebration of womanhood."

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