Women's Yoga

Women's Yoga class is designed to meet the fitness needs of women in all stages of life. You'll stretch, strengthen, increase your heart rate and complete your practice with deep relaxation. This class is based on my Kripalu Yoga training, which fosters an acceptance and appreciation of who we are in body, mind and soul in this present moment. I open the class only to women so that we can focus on the needs of women's bodies and enjoy the company and support that women offer so freely.

Let go of any worries about your body or experience level and come join us! We're a very normal, friendly bunch of women finding the peace and balance that we seek through yoga.

Women who are open to conception or pregnant are welcome to attend this class, as my training in Fertility and Prenatal Yoga helps me to offer you fitness that enhances this time of your life. Women seeking to reclaim their body after childbirth will enjoy the emphasis on increasing core and pelvic floor strength. Women who are moving past the childbearing stage and experiencing hormonal shifts or menopause often choose to focus on increasing their balance, bone density or mindful appreciation of this time of life. Modifications for poses are offered freely so that students may create ease or more challenge in their yoga practice.

Women's Yoga is offered at Full Circle Family Care. Please see the Schedule page for location and see the Kripalu Yoga page for more information about my approach to teaching.

"Women's yoga is one of the most safe and peaceful places I know. I love that even when I'm feeling the most scattered or alone (which is when I tend to get stuck in my own head) I can come here to find support from other women feeling the same way. We all come searching for the safety and peace your class offers. I love receiving energy from all the women there, transforming my energy and sending it back out for others to receive."

"Beth's class is very nurturing and restorative. It helps relieve stress and tight muscles and gently strengthens my body post-baby. It's great to have some "me-time" after being with the baby all day."

"I love our Tuesday night Women's Yoga class. I think the fact that it's women only promotes more casual chit-chat about children and birth-related things, which I like. The class is a central part of my self-care plan and as a psychologist I really understand the importance of having such a plan. It's so easy to get overwhelmed by the demands of work and family, especially as a new mom. I use our yoga class to re-boot, so to speak. It helps me to become grounded and to come back to myself. Through Beth's expert guidance, I am able to relax very quickly and this relaxation and mental calm stay with me after class and through the week. My spirit feels renewed after every class."

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